Agnė Jastremskaitė

Dental hygienist
Professional oral hygiene, tooth whitening.

Licence No. BPL-06281


  • 2013 – Švenčionys Zigmas Žemaitis Gymnasium.
  • 2014 – Utena College. Professional Bachelor of Dental Hygiene, Dental Hygienist.

Since her childhood Agnė has been dreaming to help people, and especially in white doctor‘s clothes. As Agnė says, her life time dream came fully true: now she can help her patients to maintain a nice and shining smile, which they would like to share with others. It is healthy to smile, so her patients have not only clean and healthy mouth space, but also an additional quantity of happiness hormones, because when one is smiling, the brain produces endomorphines.

At work the sincere patient‘s smile makes Agnė happy: „ I am fascinated by the opportunity to make another person happier, to see him smiling.“ The little patients give even more joy, not less to the young specialist. New challenges, everyday development, communication with patients make Agnė to move forward.

„I don‘t have much free time, as much time I spend at work. Work is my second home, and our collective is my second family“, – says Agnė without any disappointment. She spends most of her free time in different conferences and courses, which help her to acquire new and to keep and update the old knowledge.

Book reading and long walks, and especially – making food help Agne to relax. „I relax in the kitchen, and my acquaitances love my products, especially the confectionery ones.“

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