Price List

1. Consultation EUR
One-off measures 10
Consultation on the issue 15
Specialist consultation, treatment planning 30
Tooth radiogram 9
Anesthesia 10
Ortopantomograma (panoramic photo) 30
Ortopantomograma (repeated) 25
Ortopantomograma (interdental spaces, joints, sinuses) 30
Head side radiography 30
Frontal head raduography 30
CT scan 90
CT scan (repeated) 70
Photo documentation 30
Work with microscope 15 min. 25
DSD visualization + presentation 50-100
2. Fillings, aesthetics EUR
Chemical solidification filling 30
Composite filling (Small) 70
Composite filling (Medium) 90
Composite filling (Large) 110
Lining filling 10
Biodentin 50
Temporary filling 20
Filling correction, polishing 15
Aesthetical-functional filling (single tooth) 100-200
Tooth fluoridation (one tooth) 3-6
Tooth fluoridation (one jaw) 15
Dental decoration (“diamonds”) 50
Teeth whitening kappa 50
Professional teeth whitening in the office (one jaw, primary visit) 130
Professional teeth whitening in the office (one jaw, repeated visit) 100
Professional one toothe whitening in the office 30
3. Endodontics EUR
Preparing the canal 50
Preparation of a complex anatomical canal 70
Preparation of a canal, treating it again 70
Canal filling with gutta-percha 50
Replacement of calcium hydroxide (single root) 20
Replacement of calcium hydroxide (multi roots) 30
Emergency endodontical assistance 40
Removal of foreign body, pad from bone 40-100
Closure of perforation with MTA 90
Interior tooth whitening (primary visit) 60
Interior tooth whitening ( repeated visit) 30
Neutralization after internal tooth whitening 20
4. Children treatment EUR
Specialist consultation, treatment planning 30
Risk assessment of child’s oral health, selection of measures 60
Consultative work with a child 50
Repeated visit 20
Sealants (protective filling) 20
Demineralized tooth groove hermetization 30
Milk tooth (occlusive) filling 50
Milk tooth (Contact) filling 60
Milk tooth Pulpit therapy (including filling) 70
Milk tooth pulpit treatment + temporary seal 30
Milk tooth periodontal treatment (first visit) 40
Milk tooth periodontal treatment (re-visit) 30
Sliding milk tooth removal 20
Milk tooth removal 50
Milk tooth crown metal prosthesis 50
Premedication 30-50
5. Prosthetics EUR
Glass fiber (Core pin plating) 100-150
Cast CPP (print+cementing) 100-150
Alginate print 30
Silicone print 50
Polyether print 70
Digital print 100
Diagnostic model (of two jaws) 25
Split Cast model 60
Register of dental occlusion (max IKP) 30
Register of centric relation 100
Kois deprogrammer for centric relation 150
Chewing muscles relaxing Aqualizer kappa 30
Face bow usage 30
Usage of Plane finder system 50
Pressed crown removal 20
Cast crown removal 30
Temporary crown 50
Long-lasting temporary crown 100
Long-lasting temporary crown on the implant 170
The change of base of temporary crown 20
Tooth polishing 20
Cementing with temporary cement 10
Cementing with a constant cement 20
Cast metal crown 250
Мetal-ceramic crown 250
Metal – ceramic crown ( in the aesthetical zone) 300
Metal free (zirconium oxide) ceramic 600
Metal free (zirconium oxide) ceramic crown (in the aesthetical zone) 700
Metal free (pressed) ceramic 600
Metal free (pressed) ceramic (in the aesthetical zone) 700
Мetal free all-ceramic veneer 700
Composite crown 200
Au onlay (without Au Price) 600
Composite onlay 200
Metal free (pressed) ceramic onlay 600
Partial plate 350
Full plate 400
Correction of plate 30-100
Personal spoon 50
Immediate plate 150
Flexible plate 600
Arch supporting prosthesis 600
Arch supporting prosthesis with locks 900
Flexible arch supporting prosthesis 900
Tooth waxing (single tooth) 20-35
Bruxism kappa 80
Miorelaxing kappa 300-800
Sports kappa 250
Silicone mask 20-50
Individual tooth placement (manufacturing of a removable prosthesis) 400
6. Implantation EUR
Implantation 550-900
Healing cap, cover screw 60-70
Bone augmentation during implantation (without bone) 200-300
Entryway deepening surgery 300
Sinus lift surgery (internal) 150
Sinus lift surgery (external) 1000
Bone block surgery 1000
Metal ceramics on the implant 350
Metal free (zirconium oxide) ceramic on the implant 600
Metal free (pressed) ceramic on the implant 600
Individual zirconium oxide support 200-300
Individual metal support 200-300
Locator type connection for fixing removable dentures (1 psc.) 370
Bioss bone from 50
Membrane from 90
Membrane PRF 30
Surgical guide 150
7. Surgery EUR
Tooth extraction 50
Wisdom tooth extraction 60
Surgical tooth extraction 100-200
Tooth hemisection 60
Root top resection 500
Surgical treatment of alveolitis 10
Bandaging 9
Incision 20
Stitching 15
Pericoronitis treatment 30
Exostosis removal 90
Cystectomy (surgical removal of a cyst) 300
Biopsy (taking a sample of tissue and analyzing it) 60
Surgical uncovering of a tooth for an orthodontic purpose 100
8. Periodontology EUR
Professional oral hygiene 60
Repeated professional oral hygiene 45
Professional oral hygiene (one tooth) 5
Tooth polishing, cleaning by soda current 40
Professional oral hygiene for children 40
Formation of oral hygiene skills 25
Control visit after conservative, surgical periodontitis treatment 15
Conservative periimplantitis treatment (one implant) 10
Washing of pariodontological pockets 10
Curettage (all oral) 200
Curettage (one tooth) 10-30
Surgical treatment of periodontitis (one fourth) 200-560
Surgical treatment of periodontitis (one tooth) 90
Diagnostical flap surgery (one tooth area) 100
Root ablation 90
Gum plastics ( smile line correction of one tooth) 150
Periodontological guide 150
Gingivectomy 60
Crown stretching surgery (one tooth), aesthetic gum correction and correction and contouring with osteotomy 150
Regenerative periodontal surgery (one tooth, without materials) 90
Lip frenectomy 90
Bar reinforcement 100-200
Regenerative material 50-300
Gum recession treatment with a connective tissue graft (one tooth, without materials) 300
9. Orthodontic treatment (Doc. Dalia Latkauskienė) EUR
 Braces (for one teeth arch)
Metal braces (Victory low profile) 950
Ceramic braces (Clarity) 950
Ceramic braces combined with metal braces 800
Self-ligating braces (Smartclip, Damon) 800
Lingual braces (Incognito) 2250
Lingual braces (Forestadent 2D) 1200
1 lock 32
1 metal brace 32
1 ceramic brace 54
Braces re-attachement 20
Wire activation 8-55
Change or arch 40-55
Arch ligature 32
Elastic chain 22
Separating elastics 10
Forsus apparatus 485
Herpstas apparatus 715
Lingual arch 130
Palate arch 65
Brazed bars 165
Change of arch wire 85
Dilator on the microimplants 485
Dilator 320
Braces removal 260
Braces removal with plates 320
Elastics (1 pac.) 4
Retention arch 54
Re-attachment of retention arch 20
Glueing of button 20
Exterior stretching apparatus 164
Kappa for raising of bite’s height 95
Face mask 165
The approximate cost of the total orthodontic treatment
Orthodontic tretament with kappas (Invisalign) 4000-5500
Convectional treatment 1850-2500
Orthodontic plate 145
Microimplant 135
Screw orthodontic implant 145
Plate orthodontic implant (Bollard) 295
Endodontic orthodontic implant 705
Braces removal (2 retention arches, 2 plates) 320
Reapeated visit with a plate 10
10. Anesthesiology EUR
Anesthesiologist’s consultation 30
Premedication 30-50
Anesthesia with mask 150
Intravenous sedation under the supervision of anesthesiologist 300
General anesthetics (first hour) 250
General anesthetics (next hour) 100
11. Kinesiotherapy
Kinesiotherapy after the orthognatic surgery
Consultation 30
First visit, rehabilitation 60
Repeated consultation, rehabilitation 40-60
TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Disorders) treatment
First visit, rehabilitation 60
Repeated consultation, rehabilitation 40-60
Myobrace therapy for children and adults
Program for children of elimination of addictions (thumb or blanket sucking, nail biting), first visit 60
Program for children of elimination of addictions (thumb or blanket sucking, nail biting), repeated visit 40
Myobrace therapy, first visit 60
Myobrace therapy, repeted visit 40
Repeated consultations and exercise training usin distance teaching 40-60
Full program of myobrace therapy 400-600

* Prices valid from 2019-11-27
** Services Provided in order of priority are charged with an extra 20% off the original price.


Payment methods

For the services provided to you in OZO aesthetic dentistry and implantology clinic you can pay in the most convenient way to you:

  • Cash;
  • Bank card;
  • Transfer;
  • Health insurance;
  • Leasing.

We have signed contracts for the provision of dental services with the insurance companies like “Compensa Life Vienna Insurance Group”, “If P&C Insurance AS”, “Gjensidige Baltic” etc.

Therefore, during treatment at our clinic you have to pay only part of the cost of the service or not to pay at all. Your insurance company will pay in the limits of your insurance for the services of the doctor dentist. The clinic would only require your insurance card and a personal identification document – the passport of the Republic of Lithuania or identity card.

OZO aesthetic dentistry and implantology clinic also provides GF Medlizingas services – Medical and health services leasing. Enjoy the healthy teeth and a beautiful smile now and pay later!

Our clinic applies special GF Medlizingas conditions:

  • The annual interest rate of only 8%;
  • No transaction fees;
  • Monthly processing fee – 1.50 EUR per payment
  • Transaction is for up to 84 months
  • Advance payment – from 0 EUR
  • Aggregate, which we give for you to use – from 50 to 15 000 EUR;
  • You can delay your first payment for up to 3 months.

Payment for GF Medlizingas services:

  • You can choose the most convenient deposit payment date;
  • For the service you will pay a monthly flat-rate deposit;
  • You will begin to pay after service acquisition. You can pay deposits at the Lithuanian post offices, Lithuanian press kiosks, lottery “Perlas” terminals, “Ashburn” payment terminals, at “Maxima” cash desks and in banks: DnB, Danske Bank, SEB, Swedbank, The Citadel, Siauliai Bank and the Bank of Medicine.
  • Swedbank, Danske Bank, DNB, Nordea Bank and SEB Bank Lithuania customers can sign an agreement on payment by direct debit.

You can find more information about GF Medlizingas service at and .