Children’s dentistry

Parents should take care about their kids’ dental health from the cut of the first milk teeth. Though child and adult dental disease treatment is a little different, not every dentist can treat teeth of the small patients. To earn child’s confidence can be a challenge even for the best professional. OZO aesthetic dentistry and implantology clinic employs the most experienced specialists in children’s dentistry. They are easy find common language with patients of all ages and quickly and painlessly solve all the problems of young patients.

When should occur the first kid’s and dentist’s meeting?

Parents often make mistake, thinking that the child’s introduction to the dentist should begin with the decay of his milk teeth. However, oral health care should be taken from a very early age, as soon as the milk teeth begin to cut. Their health is no less important than the permanent teeth.

During the first visit to the dentist, the specialist explains to the small patient’s parents about how to take care of child’s teeth, presents a regular diet, which is very important in order to prevent dental caries development. Sweet foods and accumulating small plaque can lead to tooth decay. Untreated tooth decay can cause serious health problems.

Because of the tooth pain and oral infections may discomfit nourishment, sleep, and change behavior. In addition, premature loss of baby teeth may cause permanent teeth to grow crooked. Irregular permanent teeth cause occlusion problems.

What are the main causes of the children’s teeth diseases?

Poor oral hygiene and the lack of preventative dental care – the main causes of children’s dental diseases. Parents are responsible for ensuring that their offspring’s teeth are healthy and beautiful.

Parents should not forget that they are the best example for their kids. That’s why they should follow a regular daily oral hygiene at home and at least 2 times a year to visit the dentist’s office for routine dental examination. If a child’s teeth are damaged, the dentist should be visited more often – every 2-3 months.

Studies show that approximately half of Lithuanian three years old kids’ teeth are affected by decay. What are the most common mistakes of children’s dental care?

The most common and probably the biggest mistake is that parents become concerned about children’s teeth too late. Only when the teeth are damaged and start to aching. Kids are very fond of sugary drinks. Sugary drinks support the acidic environment in the mouth, which destroys the enamel. Likewise affect frequent snacks.

Dental cleaning skills are formed when the kid is 6-7 years old. Till that time parents should clean children’s teeth. During the first year kid’s teeth should be cleaned gently with a damp piece of cloth. When molars appear, at about 1-1.5 years of age, parents should start using a soft children’s toothbrush and toothpaste without fluoride.

If the child is able to spit out the toothpaste and doesn’t swallow it, parents can use toothpaste with fluoride. Its content should not be higher than 500 ppm.

Children, being three years old, are recommended to start using the dental floss because the development of the jaw, there is space between the teeth and better conditions for the development of dental caries in the interdental space. It is very important that the teeth cleaning takes place after the breakfast and especially at night before going to bed because at night saliva’s activity weakens and there is no dental self-purification.

What is different in children and adult dental disease treatment?

Child and adult dental disease treatment differ only a little. Not every dentist can treat teeth of the small patients. To earn child’s confidence can be a challenge even for the best professional. OZO aesthetic dentistry and implantology clinic employs the best specialists in this field of dentistry. They easily find common language with patients of any age. With the help of attractive for children treatment measures professionals without any tension, painlessly and effectively solve all the problems of young patients.

OZO aesthetic dentistry and implantology clinic treats the small patients’ teeth with the most modern and best materials. According to kid’s request, milk teeth fillings can be colourful.

How to prepare a child for the visit to the dentist?

The most important thing is not to make a child afraid of the visit. Visit to the dentist shouldn’t be like a punishment for the kid. Also, don’t try to ensure the child, that he/she won’t feel any pain. It only makes the fear worse. It is better to tell that the doctor dentist counts the teeth, examines them, and if it is needed, cures them.

If the first child’s visit to the dentist is short and painless, he won’t be afraid to visit dentist in future. That’s why it is important that the first child’s visit to the dentist should take place not then when the toothache starts, but seeking prophylactically check the teeth.

Find such a specialist for your kid, who perfectly knows not only the specifics of children dentistry, but children psychology as well. Let the dentist become the kid’s friend, who saves from the unpleasant toothache and helps to maintain them healthy and nice.

When is applied children’s dental treatment under general anaesthesia?

Dental treatment under general anaesthesia principle – during one procedure cures all teeth and eliminates complicated, severely damaged teeth.

During the same procedure the patient’s teeth are coated with sealants to fill in lines and do not let them keep food and plaque.

Teeth are treated with the child asleep (with anaesthesia), and he won’t feel any pain. During one visit at a time the dentist can carry out all stages of treatment, so the child will not have to come back to the dentist after a week or another. Children after general anaesthesia wake up within 10 minutes and then after an hour they can go home. General anaesthesia can be used for children over two years.

Mask anaesthesia is used when you need to treat or remove one – two teeth. It is applied if the foreseen treatment time is 15-30 minutes.

Why do dentists recommend covering the first molars with sealants?

Sealants protect the tooth grooves from bacteria and micro organisms. In other words, sealants are like a shield that prevents tooth grooves of retained food and plague. Covered sealants protect teeth from rapid deterioration. In addition, a new generation of sealants acts as fluoride emitting substance. As it is known, fluoride helps longer to protect teeth from decay.

How to choose the best dental care means for children?

Modern children’s dental care means are attractive to kids. They are very colourful, of interesting shapes, have delicious taste and smell. Children dental care choice is tremendous. The dentist will help to choose the most suitable and attractive means to your child.