Dr. Rasa Račienė

Children dentist

Children’s dentistry.

License No. OPL-01554


  • In 1989 she graduated Kaunas Medical Institute, Faculty of Dentistry, where she obtained dental practitioner’s speciality.
  • In 2009 she defended dissertation in biomedical sciences “Student dental fear and the associated social and psychological factors”, and obtained Ph.D. degree in biomedical sciences.
  • From 2016 05 27 she is the member of the Board of Dental Chamber of the Republic of Lithuania.

As far as she remembers herself, Dr. R. Račienė always dreamed of working in pediatrics and treating children. Her mother, who was a dentist, and who extremely loved her job promoted Rasa to choose the dentist’s way. But she didn’t give up her childhood dream – Rasa has chosen field of Pediatric Dentistry. Children’s dentist often jokes: “If basketball for Lithuanians is the second religion, my first religion is children dental disease prevention”.

One of the best children’s dental professional in Lithuania tries to change people’s attitudes to dental care, and health care, and gets delighted when she succeeds it. Doctor actively participates in community educational activities related to children’s dental disease prevention; she is the chair of the prevention program coordination commission of Dentists Chamber of Republic of Lithuania.

R.Račienė enjoys traveling. Much time she spends studying psychological literature.

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