Paulius Šakalys

Dental Technician

Aesthetic restorations using metal-free ceramics, aesthetic – functional tooth waxing

License No. BPL-06769


  • In 2012 graduated from Plateliai Gymnasium.
  • 2012-2015 studied dental technology at Kaunas College, obtained a professional bachelor’s degree in medical technology, and a professional qualification of a dental technician.

From an early age, Paulius has been very meticulous and thorough. The constant desire to create, improve, and become more knowledgeable encouraged Paulius to seek a profession that would allow him to achieve these things. Paulius learned about dental technology in 10th grade. Once Paulius understood more about dental technology he quickly became interested in the field and decided that this is the profession that he wants to pursue and become successful in.

What impresses Paulius most about his field of work is that there are no limits to improvement. There are always new technologies that you can apply to your work. No routine can be applied to this line of work because every patient and every restoration is individual and unique in its own way. Personal qualities that are very important in this job, such as diligence, attentiveness, a sense of responsibility, and punctuality, help to make the work all the more enjoyable.

For a year, Paulius served in the Lithuanian Armed Forces, in the King Mindaugas Hussar Battalion.

Paulius likes creativity and creative people, during his spare time to fuel his need for creativity Paulius enjoys researching and watching people restore and modify motorcycles, when he’s not doing that, Paulius likes to spend his time in nature.

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