Paulius Tušas

Doctor odontologist

Licence No. OPL-05355


Oct 2019 – present Vilnius University. Doctoral studies in the field of dentistry.

Sep 2018 – present Vilnius University. Endodontics residency.

Sep 2013 – Jun 2018 Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Master’s degree in dentistry.

Doctor Paulius Tušas is a board member and chairman of the Lithuanian Society of Endodontists.

Paulius believes that by combining his personal qualities with the specifics of his job, a person can achieve great things in that specific field. Endodontics is a field of dentistry that requires one to be meticulous, precise, creative and most of all patient. Even during his Master’s studies, Paulius knew that he would specialize in endodontics in one way or another. The specifics of this field allow you to implement ideas, be a part of a team and enjoy your work.

Paulius’ activities during his studies in dentistry laid out a solid foundation and the residency combined it into a unified system in the specialized field and help develop logical, state-of-the-art clinical thinking. The accumulated experience and skills in the latest technologies in the field of doctoral studies encourages the implementation of innovative ideas. In a creative and cohesive team, together with his colleagues, the dentist seeks to adapt and implement these ideas, as well as ensure the well-being of his patients, and achieve the best possible results.

Perfectionism, patience, resolve, meticulousness and creativity are the foundational qualities of Paulius as a dentist. Paulius believes that you need to find a job that you truly enjoy and in which you would strive to improve day in and day out.

Paulius is a co-author of several publications in his field and he constantly attends various conferences in order to learn from others. He is also a member of the Lithuanian Dental Chamber, a member and secretary of the Lithuanian Society of Endodontology, and a member of the European Association of European Association of Endodontology.

Paulius is not only active in his professional field, but also during his free time. He is interested in music and cinema, he participates in one-day hiking trips and is also a winner of several dancesport competitions.

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