Raminta Levickienė

Doctor odontologist

General practitioner odontologist.

Licence No. OPL-03753

Education: Master degree of odontology

While learning at school, Raminta knew exactly where to study and what to be. She was fascinated by the opportunity to help people and communicate. Science has been a great success to her, so it was easy to realize her dream. Children’s odontology became Raminta’s favourite and the most beloved study, with real emotions and sincere little patients. While working with children, requires additional psychological work input, and the warm hug and gratitude after the visit is the best reward for all the efforts Raminta made.

The job is mostly fascinated by the challenges, and the feeling of overcoming them, and the joy of seeing happy and smiling patients. Raminta believes that odontology is a dynamic, everyday different work, with new challenges and people, and therefore extremely fun.

Since 2010 Raminta together with Dr. Rasa Račienė is involved in the education of children, adolescents and parents in the field of prevention and treatment of oral diseases. Raminta is the head of the Public Enterprise “Two Times Two Minutes”. This institution organizes various programs, lessons, and lectures for children and parents about the prevention of dental diseases.

Raminta is married and has got two children.

She spends her free-time with her family, travels and reads psychological literature.

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